hangjojo.com Resort Nha Trang welcomes visitors with a classic Asian beauty, featuring an Indochine architecture & picturesque beaches. Situated on an isl& of extraordinary landscape and attractions, hangjojo.com Resort Nha Trang is itself one of the leading complexes for hospitality and entertainment on Hon Tre isl&. This resort is a peaceful oasis for those who love to lớn recharge their energy và unwind, a dream destination for couples to begin their journey of life-long happiness, và a professional venue to host successful MICE events.

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Acreage:272,000 mét vuông

Rooms và Guests:647 khách sạn và villa rooms




Unwind và relax your toàn thân lớn enjoy a chất lượng message originating from the Lvà of Happiness Bali, which uses premium products with organic and natural ingredients

hangjojo.com Golf Nha Trang

An 18-hole, international-standard golf course with a width of 182 hectares, hangjojo.com Golf Nha Trang is chosen as one ahy vọng the Top 3 best golf courses in Vietnam

VinWonders Nha Trang

The amusement park of ground-breaking records with adventure games, a water park with the most slides in Southeast Asia, virtual reality games, và many more.

Imperial Club Nha Trang

An up-scale culinary and entertainment center, which brings together the culinary quintessence of 5 different continents và attractive entertainment offerings, from bowling và karaoke to disco floors.

hangjojo.com Submarine Nha Trang

Take an adventure into the ocean's enchanting depths with the world's first & only transparent infinity-view submarine.

Business Registration:

4200456848. The first registration dated on July 26th, 2006.

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The fiftieth registration for change dated on March, 03rd 20trăng tròn.

Bank account:

hangjojo.com Joint Stoông chồng CompanyAccount Number: 9124412488166 (VND)Vietnam giới Technological & Commercial Joint- stoông xã Bank (Techcombank) - Head office